You Are Not Alone

heart groupFOR YEARS I HAD NO IDEA what was wrong with me. I experienced sudden unexplainable fatigue, brain fog, wandering pain, insomnia, hormonal ups and downs, frightening memory lapses, and depression.

The New House
One of the first times I noticed something wasn’t right was when I moved to a newly built home on the East Coast in the fall of the year. As the temperatures dropped, we closed the windows and turned up the heat. I literally collapsed and could not even walk upstairs to the bedrooms without stopping to rest half way up. Even the naturopathic doctor was mystified. I have since come to understand that formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds were off-gassing from the new carpet and particle board in the walls.

The Moldy Bike
Once I visited my family who lived in a lovely home in New York. We old-bikedecided to go for a bike ride along the Erie Canal. I volunteered to retrieve the bikes from the basement and clean them for our adventure. The fuzzy dust I was cleaning from the bikes turned out to be mold. Too late! I had already breathed in the spores. I lost my strength and had difficulty breathing. But I tried to be brave and went along on the ride. I felt embarrassed when I was unable to ride up a gentle slope. I felt my family’s concern that I was having heart trouble or just getting old.

Environmental Sensitivity: The Invisible Factor
By now you know I am sharing with you the alarming effects of environmental sensitivity. The first time I consulted a physician with my symptoms I ended up having an unnecessary hysterectomy! That was over 30 years ago and that was when I began my research into multiple chemical sensitivity, environmental sensitivity, and what is now being named by some researchers TILT, Toxicant Induced Loss of Tolerance. In that time, there has been gradually increasing awareness and acknowledgment of the devastating consequences of this widespread health problem. Shared stories on the internet . . . doctors discovering the culprit substances as they try to help their patients . . . still, many people do not know what is wrong and go to doctors who may not know about or test for sensitivities.

I feel sad as I recall the secret battle I have waged to find out and correct what was wrong. Besides the craziness of daily laundering and cleaning, the social problem of having to avoid crowds, the expense of throwing out contaminated bedding and clothing, there’s the daily risk of unexpected weakness, the anxiety of not knowing when it would happen again. One of my most painful moments came when a friend pronounced that it was all in my head. I felt others’ irritation as I made my way among “normal” people, which only added to my despair and emotional withdrawal.

stone-bridgeThere Is a Way Through.
Thirty years later, I have learned much that I want to share with you and others. No one should have to go through this alone or without help and understanding. My quest for relief has become a quest for vibrant health — and I know it is possible, because I am experiencing it! Every day isn’t perfect, but every day is better. And each day is better than the one before. My struggles have taught me well, and hope has replaced fear and uncertainty.

I have learned key pieces of the puzzle from many mentors and teachers. My laboratory is the work I do on myself and others to correct sensitivity and build resilience. I sometimes think of myself as the canary in the coal mine, or the Cassandra of our society, singing the warning and bringing what I have learned to others who need to know.

Here’s the bottom line:

  • Our modern society has become extremely toxic, and it is harming our health.
  • Pesticides, heavy metals, volatile organic compounds, industrial pollutants, hydrocarbons, mycotoxins, formaldehyde are the short list of chemicals that mimic diseases including allergies, auto immune diseases, infections, Alzheimer’s, genetic damage, and cancer.
  • Fake wood, fake leather, fake food, plastics, detergents, solvents, auto exhaust, styrene, and bisphenol-A, bring endocrine disrupting xeno-estrogens into our glands and disrupt our hormones by replacing our own hormones with fake hormones.
  • Research reports that flame retardants are found in ALL breast milk. In 2005, the American Red Cross took samples of fetal cord blood from 10 newborns and found 287 chemicals inside the samples!
  • Mercury leaks from our teeth where we have silver amalgams, especially the older they are. We also get it from tuna fish and pesticides. It triggers chemical sensitivity, brain fog, candida, chronic fatigue, and a myriad of symptoms, depending on a person’s toxic load or prior weakness.

According to Dr. Elson Haas, “the primary cause of disease is the accumulation of unnecessary wastes that are not properly eliminated, resulting in poison retention and subsequent health problems”. Medical professionals are not trained to look for toxicity. Insurance companies are human-energy-systemurged to look away from chemical sensitivities because they are afraid of the number of claims that would have to be covered. Yet, if you look, you will find the pioneers — practitioners and everyday people — who are fighting this battle bravely. Slowly, we are figuring this out and bringing it to awareness.

What Can We Do?
What if you could feel energized and joyful? What if you could have the right “medicine” in your medicine bag or toolkit to instantly correct yourself when encountering toxins? What if you could step out into the world and say “I am strong and you cannot hurt me?”

By removing toxins and providing key nutrients to protect the body’s natural detoxification pathways, the body does heal and return to a state of vibrant health. I am living proof. Here is what you can do if you feel you may have been exposed to toxins:

water-joyAlkalize, Bounce, Bathe, and Nourish

  • Alkalize. Drink alkaline drinks to buffer the acidity of toxins in the blood. For instance: 1 packet of Emergen-C in water, or a green drink.
  • Bounce. Stimulate your lymphatic system by jumping on a mini trampoline for 10 minutes or jump up and down on the floor 40 times
  • Bathe. Take a sea salt and baking soda bath. Pour 1 cup sea salt (or Epsom Salts) and 1 cup baking soda into warm bath water and soak for 20 minutes. Then rinse off with fresh water. This pulls toxins out of your pores and purifies your energy field.
  • Nourish. Eat organic whole foods, leafy green vegetables, and low glycemic fruits, and wash everything thoroughly before ingesting.

judith-new3editedIt is my life’s work to discover how to restore vibrant health and to share the information and energetic remedies with you. While these are standard procedures that work for all people, I can help you find and focus on the ones that work best for you — help you find and clear the troubling substances — and recommend the ways you can better support your own vibrant health.

Bottom line: Our modern society has become extremely toxic, and it is harming our health. By removing toxins and providing key nutrients to protect the body’s natural detoxification pathways, the body heals, and we return to a state of vibrant health.